I'm No Mad Man

Hello again, I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I had a pretty great Fourth, but after taking a dip into a lake of questionable quality, I spent the rest of the weekend in bed bemoaning the fact that our bodies think its a great idea to constrict our breathing when we are […]

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June Updates: Torchbearer updates and how to sell your work at comic cons.

Greetings everyone, Apologies for the long bout of silence. Aside from the long hours the “day job” has required from us, we’ve been busy this past week with PhillyCon, from which we’ve returned (with an interesting story to tell). Thankfully, we can rest easy (for a little bit) and write out what we’ve been up […]

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Updates Galore: Torchbearer 3 and 4, conversation with Jimmy Palmiotti and other such things.

Greetings everyone, First off, before we recap our conversation with Jimmy Palmiotti, let’s talk about Torchbearer and the state of things. By the time this is published, I should either have 10 colored pages of Torchbearer 3 published, or just 1, waiting for me on my DropBox around 12 noon. Which means either two things: […]

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