Progress!!! and some news.

Greetings everyone, Apologies for our silence last week, but our illustrious leader has decided to embark on another endeavor, and last week was the start of this sudden switch. Yet, we’ve made significant progress with Torchbearer. The print run for NYCC has already shipped and we’re right now composing the limited run for BaltimoreCon, so […]

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Workin' For A Livin'

Hey gang, I’ve been keeping busy here all week with the stuff we are preparing for the immediate future and planning for upcoming cons. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the prospect of going to a con as an exhibitor. I have gone to many a con as the proverbial sweaty-palmed fanboy […]

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Getting Down to Business

Hello again, Now that the adults are back, we are fortunately starting to get back on track with production of Torchbearer and the first trade paperback for Torchbearer. I was lucky enough to have sit down with Nick over the weekend to talk about what’s the game plan for us here at Odd Truth for […]

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