Updates Galore: Torchbearer 3 and 4, conversation with Jimmy Palmiotti and other such things.

Greetings everyone, First off, before we recap our conversation with Jimmy Palmiotti, let’s talk about Torchbearer and the state of things. By the time this is published, I should either have 10 colored pages of Torchbearer 3 published, or just 1, waiting for me on my DropBox around 12 noon. Which means either two things: […]

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C2E2, Torchbearer and novel updates, and last thoughts on Boston.

Greetings everyone, First off, we have C2E2 this weekend! We’re quite excited to be in Chicago promoting Torchbearer, bringing new fans into the fold and saying hi to our current fans in the Midwest! So please, stop on by on Artist Alley Booth N18. We’re co-sharing the booth with Enrica Jang of Red Stylo Press and […]

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Updates Part 3: Methods to our madness: Game plan, facebook… oh, and Torchbearer 4, 5 and 6 updates

Greetings everyone, Some of you may have noticed more activity on our Facebook account the last month than ever before, and not necessarily related to either Torchbearer or Odd Truth in general. This is by design. After several ad campaigns on Facebook, and realizing what kind of behaviors and posts I kept seeing on my […]

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