How to make comic books, as a writer.

Greetings everyone!<br><br><br>While at&nbsp;<a href=”https://oddtruthinc.com/2012/10/nyccrecap”>New York Comic Con</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;promoting <a href=”http://www.torchbearercomics.com”>Torchbearer</a>, I was asked by several you what do you need in order to make comics. Speaking as a writer, there are three things you need to know in order to write comic books: <br><br>1) You need to know how to write <br><br>2) You need to know […]

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NYCC recap

Greetings everyone!   New York Comic Con was a blast for us here at Odd Truth. While most of us had gone to at least one convention as guests, none of us had attended the convention as exhibitors. We did our best to prepare but needless to say we were daunted at times by the […]

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