Getting Down to Business

Hello again,

Now that the adults are back, we are fortunately starting to get back on track with production of Torchbearer and the first trade paperback for Torchbearer. I was lucky enough to have sit down with Nick over the weekend to talk about what’s the game plan for us here at Odd Truth for the next few months. We spent most of that time talking about the trade, and a good twenty minutes debating the ending of the Man of Steel (Spoiler: You don’t get to see how he shaves in the movie.)

We threw around ideas and then eventually chose the layouts and backgrounds for some of the inner pages of the trade. It was definitely interesting and aggrandizing to have my opinions voiced and taken into serious consideration. In looking through the drop-boxes for Odd Truth, I actually got to look at real pencils, real inks and colors, and real production scripts. I was having mini nerdgasms all day long just getting to pilfer through that stuff. This is everything I’ve been looking forward to, this is making comics at its best.

I truly can’t wait for more of these weekly meetings and I can’t wait to meet the rest of the team and start working together to make the best comics possible.

Stay tuned!


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