I'm No Mad Man

Hello again,

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I had a pretty great Fourth, but after taking a dip into a lake of questionable quality, I spent the rest of the weekend in bed bemoaning the fact that our bodies think its a great idea to constrict our breathing when we are sick.

I am excited to report that we had our first real pow-wow about NYCC this past weekend. I sat down for dinner with Nick and our wonderful project manager Victoria and got down to what Odd Truth’s situation would be at NYCC. I’d never known all of what goes into the planning of being an exhibitor at a con and I gained a new-found appreciation for the creators who dedicate a lot of their hard-earned money and time into promoting their work, big and small publishers alike.

We had maps of the Javitz convention center drawn out and found out our position in that ungodly jungle of tables, booths, and banners. We talked about the strategies we were trying to implement to take advantage of our placement and how draw people to our booths. I tried channeling my inner Don Draper (I didn’t order an Old Fashioned at dinner and cheat on my wife.) and tried to get into the head of what an average con goer is thinking when they are walking around a con. What do they look for? What draws them in? What keeps them there? What, even if we succeed, in drawing them in, then keeping them there, makes them want to buy our books?

I had a lot of fun throwing around ideas and learned that this is stuff that I should really be aware of and take to heart if I ever get a chance to be an exhibitor at a con at some point. I am really lucky and grateful to be learning this with people who are to me, grizzled con veterans. Talking about all that stuff made it difficult to sleep that night, I was excited for something that wouldn’t happen for another three months.

If only I could use sleep as a form of time travel and sleep until that week in October, but I’m not that crazy.

See you next week,


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