While the adults are away, I will not play.

Hello again,

The adults are gone at Odd Truth and will be gone for a while. They say they’ve gone to work related conferences, but I would like to think that they’re off gallivanting in movie stars mansions or spear fishing with Richard Branson off the coast of St. Barth’s and just didn’t fee like taking me.  You’d think I’d be pulling a Project X or a Risky Business for those of you over the age of 25, but in reality I’m just sitting here like that kid in the Incredibles, waiting for something amazing to happen.

I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but I feel like I can relate to Jake Gyllenhaal. I am constantly reminded of his monologues in “Jarhead” where he talks about the skull-crushing amounts of boredom that a Marine can go through, almost wishing for the horrors of combat. No one really told me about down time in publishing, I just thought it would be a constant stream of work like it can be in school. I, like most people, thrive when we have tasks to do. I never thought (though I’d always secretly hoped) I’d be that George Costanza kind of worker, who makes a drum set out of manila folders because he has nothing to do and looks frustrated all the time so people can leave him to not working.

I’ve decided to funnel my mental energies into positive and productive pursuits. I’m currently gutting and cutting all of the writing I’ve done over the past 3 years and it feels great. I have taken on the somewhat monumental challenge of reading all of George RR Martin’s  “A Song of Ice and Fire” in one summer. I will probably fail, but it’s better than watching anymore of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I have a tumblr that I curate and am trying to cultivate that into something that can be considered halfway cool or interesting. I think I’m beginning to like downtime and use it as a way to improve myself

But seriously, guys come back and give me things to do, those Housewives are charming me back by the minute.

See you next week,


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