Torchbearer #08: Swallowing the Omphalos


With Malus’ plot seemingly revealed, Prometheus takes far-reaching actions across the Corporate Space. At the same time, an opportunity presents itself against Prometheus that the Torchbearers cannot ignore.


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Nicolas Dedual


Nicolas is the founder of Odd Truth and the principal writer of the Torchbearer series. He has made it his mission to provide a venue for artists to tell quality stories and explore how to tell them through new mediums. Nick also writes code for a living and is suspicious towards llama

M.I. Annoni


Few know where or how M.I. Annoni came to Odd Truth, much less how she came to be. Her past is the stuff of legend and myth. What is known is that, like the dawn brings forth the day from the darkest of night, her work as editor have brought out the best in all who work with her. That is all that is known and that is all that must be known.

    Ken Branch


    Ken Branch is best known in the comic industry for his precise and dynamic inking style. His portfolio includes extensive work covering thousands of inked pages for comic giants, DC, Valiant, Malibu, Marvel, Image, First, and Comico. His outstanding work has been recognized through receiving a Spike Award and voted Best Inker for Valiant by its fans.

    His versatility as an artist is apparent through his painting of celebrities, athletes and other iconic figures on canvas, sports equipment and other varied media. Recent works include: a painted portrait of Mariano Rivera, a book cover for “The Brink of Extinction”; he is an ongoing artist for Star Wars sketch cards; and, has authored and published his own graphic novel, “35 Years: Will You Survive?”

      Dave Lanphear


      Best-known for award-winning lettering and cartooning, Dave is also an animation storyboard artist & publication designer. With a career spanning 24 years career, Dave has worked in virtually every aspect of print production for daily and monthly periodicals, both in traditional and digital media. Dave continue sto seek situations to employ and improve my storytelling and illustration crafts, and to evangelize on sequential art’s power and eloquence.

        Donna Gregory


        Believed to be a glittering, cintiq-powered robot from a solarpunk future , Donna Gregory has brought technicolor joy to books ranging from Image Comic’s “Intrepids” and “PIGS” to recent graphic novels such as “Modo: Ember’s End” and “Patriot-1” over the last few years.

        Rumors of her weakness in the form of semi-amateur chicken breeding, coupled with an unseemly affection for Sean Bean and shows about ancient astronauts are totally unfounded.


        Also, she is possibly a cat.


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