Return of the Editors: A New Hope

Hey gang,

It was another rudderless week here for me, not that I’m entirely complaining. I have been a man possessed, when I’m not gorging myself by re-watching the first twelve seasons of the Simpsons or Clone High, I’ve been writing and rewriting stuff I haven’t been able to get to during the academic year. I guess my crusty English comp professor was right when she said there is no such thing as down time, just time where you do other things.

Now that everyone is coming back from their work related conferences, the proverbial honeymoon can end and we can all get down to serious work and I can get my hands down and dirty. I think seeing the birth and evolution of an idea from its genesis, and then through all of its stages of production until it gets down on the comic page in all of wonderful complexity is one of the greatest things ever. I’m lucky to be working with writers, artists, and editors that really know what they are doing and are passionate about it. I don’t know of a better way to learn how to make comics then to see one built in front of your very eyes, and from what Nick has been telling me, this will be surely be a very interesting summer for Torchbearer.

I can’t wait to get to work and share and possibly have mutual nerdgasms with all of you.

See you next week,


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